Hey!! Today is just another day. But lately i have been putting in 4, 10 hour days and getting FRIDAY OFF!! woohoo. it all becomes worth in on Friday, saturday and sunday. But the days are long very long. And when days are long… silly things start to happen. Here is a little silly tour around my desk and fellow designies. We are stupid. My desk always has a PILE of magazines and design books on it because i do not have a shelf. I need a shelf. can someone get me a shelf?? haha. sorry that my desk is messy. at least you know i am working, right?? The guy on the screen is MIKE MINTER… some football guy that i do not know. haha. Leave a comment and let me know whatcha think. Its kind of a cave, huh?? Chris and Josh are awesome. Is this like YOUR office?? haha.


4 responses to “IS THIS LIKE YOUR DAY AT WORK?? haha

  1. that actually DOES look like my desk…only add in a coulple of pacifiers, random toys [that are “to be fixed” ie: headless dolls, etc] and a 22 month old on the lap. ha!

  2. it IS like a cave. But a nice cave, i’m stuck in a really boring tan cave all day by myself. by the way…i love all your work! found your stuff through flickr church marketing pool.

  3. boo for boring caves all day!! 😦 we need out sometimes. hahha

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