Cornerstone (the church I do design at) is in a series called THREAD!! i actually hand sewed the logo. hahaha. fun times. anyway, today we had a guest speaker named Mark Connelly. He talked about how the church needs to come together with their gifts to complete the body of christ. IF we are disconnected from the Body of Christ then we are a limb that is disconnected from the body, and what good is just an arm or a leg, or a body part? it can’t function to it’s full potential. That really challenged me today to think about what i am doing. I feel like I am USING my God given gifts, but what more can I be doing?? I mean just because I am already using my gifts for my job doesnt mean I cant use them in my serving time as well. I always think that “serving” means that I have to go outside of what I like or what I am good at. hahaha. that is soo silly.
I have this reoccuring idea. -and I believe maybe God has been speaking to me about this. I have tried to put it off and put it off thinking that it wouldnt work. BUt I still have a heart for art, creativity and people that would love to serve with their gifts and abilities. I would love to put together some kind of creative group (for the church perhaps) The group could meet from time to time and discuss what we could do with our talents. Maybe having an auction, selling art and donating it to a missions group or something. Or maybe taking photos of a family that cant afford family photos.
I am not sure what this would be like or where God would lead it to go. But i would like to start the dialog about what a group would look like. Maybe a website with a logo, and a store to buy art/prints at. The group would be for all visual Media arts! I even like the idea of building artists up in the community, maybe we hold classes and teach eachother and share techniques and ideas.
I am up for all kinds of feedback on this. and OR links to churches that may have done something like this before. shoot me a comment with your feedback. i am in the beginning stages with this thought and would LOVE helpful advice, ideas, feedback. thanks a ton. I would love to see this group be an energetic group that the church looks to for creativity and artistic expression.



  1. If you’ve ever read any of Donald Miller’s books (Blue Like Jazz, Searching For God Knows What, To Own A Dragon, etc) he starts a church in Portland and it is very much based off of the artistic gifts of those you had similar belief he did. I’m not sure if this is the correct link, but I think it might be part of what you’re looking for.–beauty/

    keep me posted! i love the idea

  2. hey. yea I know of him for sure. and i have read blue like jazz. a while back though. thanks for the link. and i will definately keep you posted. 🙂 thanks CHRIS

  3. Hey! I couldn’t agree with you more. Mark said it right on. I grew up as a pastors daughter, so I was involved even if I didn’t want to be. So until Cornerstone, I’d never had to actually take that step to plugging in before. Although CS is the best place to do just that.

    So, are you the Graphic designer for the church? I have been talking with George, the small church pastor, and Joanne, his asst. about the design for the new small church “coupled in Christ” rave card. I had some ideas that I wanted ot tell the designer, but she wouldn’t let me talk to them…lol. Incognito! 😉 Anyway…are you the one working on that?

  4. i’m in. 🙂
    I’m constantly struggling with using my God-given talent as a career and as well as a service. I would love to get together soon and discuss how we can really make this happen. Conerstone and RPC can partner up in this — and it could be B I G.
    I’m *loving* the auction idea.

  5. thanks for the feedback everyone. i would LOVE to hear more thoughts on this too. I will get with you ashley and we can chat about some possibilities. 🙂 thanks. I would love to hear more thoughts.

  6. This is a great idea Promise! I especially like the idea of artists in your church coming together for a common purpose. So often artists are isolated and do their own thing, things like this are a great outlet for artists to use their gifts. I love the idea of taking family photos for families that can’t afford it – this is what the church is all about!

  7. who uses lens flares these days? it’s not photoshop 3.o anymore.. ha ha.. joking.. good stuff

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