thrift store shopping is for sure a hobbie of mine. One of my favorite things to do when I go back home is to go to my favorite Value village in Bremerton. it’s run by the same good ole SAVERS poeple. I have tried other states and cities and Bremerton is definately one of the best. its organized really well.. and not picked over, because the only people around are the people that brought the clothes there. hahaa. that means fresh pickin. There is a WHOLE section for Vintage clothes. YES!! I have to be really careful though. Here are some of my..


1. Only buy when you absolutely love it. 

2. visualize clothes out of their context.. would you like it if it was from urban outfitters??

3. if you cant decide what you think about a peice, say how much you would pay for it (before looking at the price), then look at the price. If its over what you said… then skip it. 

4. look out for fakers: Just because the piece looks better then the REST of the clothes THERE… doesnt mean you need to take it home. you will never wear it. 

5. never forget to stop by the shoes, jewelry, glasses, ties, scarves, belts. you might find a gem.

what are your thrift store guidelines??? tips? to-dos? don’ts?
here is a peak at my new finds:



  1. Second-hand hats off to you! You are the master of the thrift shopping. Absolutely love your finds!

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