ETSY: online handmade art shop

This is for anyone who has NOT heard about ETSY. i found out about it from my friend nathan about a year ago. And ever since I have wanted to set up a little shop of my own. AND I CAN.. and you can too. check out this crazy art shopping//selling cyber world. Then go make a profile because i will soon too. Create a profile and style it, so it looks like you. They sell really awesome stuff and they have tons of different categories to shop from. The site has a really clean good design layout. It is easy to navigate around and makes the items feel buying worthy, unlike ebay at times. check it out. Let me know if you get a profile set up. loves. The video below is one they have on their website. and the photos are a little peak at what they have.


3 responses to “ETSY: online handmade art shop

  1. Nice writing style. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Chris Moran

  2. I was in phoenix a few days ago. wish I would have had time to grab coffee. we need to work together. and soon!

  3. man this is really cool! i love the idea of that kind of a community for art and possibility. looks really cool. i love you tons!!!

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