Hi everyone. If you have me linked on your page…and i do not have you listed in my links….. PLEASE COMMENT HERE and leave your link. i wanna link you. Because Blogs are about community right?? 

dont forget to leave your link.



15 responses to “YOU LINK ME, I LINK YOU

  1. yo, i have linked you! whoo hoo, it is about community, Ive actually linked Brian from your site and a dude (jason) from his list of links. I love finding blogs that I want to check everyday.

    anyways…here is mine

  2. hey thanks man. I got you keyed in. 🙂 loves

  3. Hey its Angel… Here is my blog link for you..

  4. Hey its Angel. Here is my blog link

    [ =

  5. i link! and i love!!!!!

  6. Hey, its Angel.

    here is my blog link..

  7. I’m a friend of Brian’s.. 🙂

    I’ve linked you up!

  8. Promise! Here’s my attempt at a blog:
    – Seth

  9. I’ve got you linked up.

    Here’s mine >>


  10. This is kind of funny. I have had your blog listed in my random blogroll for months. I was moving back to LA and I have not really had time to read a lot of blogs, so I have not checked yours in a bit. I was editing a post and saw your link, clicked, and BAM here is this post – crazy!

    Your work is amazing. I visit Phoenix First a few times a year. God used Tommy Barnett to save my life.

    I usually visit in February although I was just there in July. Next time Starbucks? I believe my best-friend goes to corner stone and has a coffee commitment (or something like that)
    Please look me up if you ever come to LaLa Land


  11. Hey thanks guys. i put you all in. loves

  12. reat site and great design..I am a fellow designer and worship leader as well

    Im adding you to the blogroll and reader.
    Just found you through vicky beeching

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