WITHOUT LOOKING contour drawings

Hey all,
Check out these funny drawings i did today. These are some good looking guys in my office. I draw looking straight at the person the whole time and not looking at my paper. Then at the end, I make a few refinements to the drawings by looking at them and my paper. I think they turn out very fun, resembling the person but still being abstracted. We used to do a version of this exercise in art school. It was to teach us to draw what we see instead of what we know. But i like making funny people. haha. loves. make them feel good by leaving them a comment telling them how good they look. hhaaa.


5 responses to “WITHOUT LOOKING contour drawings

  1. It ‘s so you Promise!…you make life fun:) It is one of the things I love about you….

  2. nice, i remember doing those in school. seeing this makes me want to draw more, ive become so digital and i dont like that

  3. these would be sweet as the staff photos on the website!

    —- there are so many new people at Cornerstone!!!

  4. hahaa. Yea tons of new people. If i did this for every new person…. they might as well just hire me for that. hahaha

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