Brian and I are in Oakland CA. for the weekend with this parents and his dad’s family. dinners, hotels, poolside relaxing, sun.. what would be better? I am just chekin email and posting a couple blogs here. I am kinda bad at that. I dont post for a few days… then i do like 4 in a day. what a bad habit blogger. I need to learn from some pros. But how do you find the time EVERYDAY to post a blogs?? the wise should fill me in. hahaha. when do you find the time?



  1. here is a tip i recently learned. you can actually type 4 blogs at a time and have them post on 4 different days by scheduling the date and time you want them to post like 6am when everyone starts reading their emails in the morning….i learned this from anne jackson. it is how to maintain your sanity and your life and still blog well =) in wordpress it is on the right in the same box that says “save” or “publish” click on the little calendar and schedule away. it’s fun!

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