JJ HELLER: talented singer | songwritter

I first heard and loved jj hellers music at mat and lisa weddle’s wedding in February. They came out and did a short set at the rehersal dinner and also at the ceremony. jj heller was then invited to play at cornerstone a few months back. They SOLD OUT of cds and there were lines and lines of people waiting to get their hands on her tunes.

Her inspirational little diddies chime with rich truth of Gods word & life without sounding supper cheezy. Her clear sweet voice is chocolate for your ears. I rarely buy every album an artists produces but her music is worth purchasing and staying in touch with.

Please check out her myspace/website/and then DOWNLOAD HER NEW CD FOR FREE AND TELL EVERYONE!! click on this image to download.


5 responses to “JJ HELLER: talented singer | songwritter

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  2. I just downloaded her album! Thanks Promise!!!

  3. hey, thanks for the heads up on this. i really dig track 2…

  4. i’m listening right now! it’s good!!!! i blogged you on this article over on my blog too! 🙂

  5. awesome!!! and tell all your friends!!!

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