Today at worked I worked on a logo for a new women’s mentor ministry for Cornerstone. Its either called “ripple effect” or “effect”. They told me to mess around with both. I wanted a high class look. like chanel or coach etc. The first image is an inspiration from the coach website. The rest are a few ideas i have. Nothing is set in stone or finished. The first logo is a little more sophisticated and the second is a little younger (tattoo look). Any thoughts?


2 responses to “DESIGN TODAY

  1. for me, I think the Es on the second comp are way too large, and need to be smoothed up.

    I like this concept. The font on #2 is great, just the double Es are distracting.

    I look forward to seeing the progression.

  2. I think the first “ripple effect” look (in the box with stripe) is too sophisticated. It reminds me of perfume packaging. I like just the effect look on the first one though. The E’s on the second one are a bit busy and hard to look at.

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