Shawn Tyler Gray and SarahBel Garcia got married last night. Woohoo. It was a very beautiful wedding that represented them very well. I love going to weddings. It was nice to be at a wedding just to enjoy friends, food, celebration, and dancing without being all stressed about doing the photography for it. it was so relaxing. and its fun to get semi dressed up and take photos. haha. Shawn and sarah have been friends with brian for a while, but it has been fun to get to know them as a fun couple. Plus you need to check out Shawns music. He is very talented: Shawn Tyler Gray. AND they had a photobooth at the reception for all the guests to enjoy. What a fun idea. Brian and I had to much fun with that. hahaa. The photo below was taken by Bugg photography. I am so excited to see the photos of the wedding. They were all over the map yesterday it was great to see them in action. Check out their website as well:


One response to “SHAWN & SARAHBEL

  1. looks like they did their engagement photos where we did ours, and they got married where we got married. cool people think alike i guess!

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