Brian completely surprised me. I had No idea it was coming. Well… I knew it was coming soon… but had no idea it was this day. Even when I was there I had no idea. haha. I guess I am easy to surprise in some ways. It’s funny because usually other people spoil Brian’s surprises on accident, but he really kept this one a secret. What a surprise. He worked so hard and planned everything out to the details. I am very impressed.
WHERE AND HOW: He got me out to this desert // mountain area by telling me that he wanted to do a photoshoot and take some pictures of us. Being a photo lover, that sounded AWESOME and I was so excited that Brian was so into doing a photoshoot. He told me that there was this special place that he has been wanting to go to. He said it was beautiful.
DIDNT QUITE GO AS PLANNED: Unfortunately his plan didn’t quite go like he thought because it was SOO WINDY and COLD. I only had a sweater and the winds were really strong (not what we are used to). I got a little cranky because he kept taking me higher and higher on the mountain, climbing rocks and beating the wind. I told him it might not work because I couldn’t set up my camera without it falling over. Our hair was blowing all over the place and i was thinking “geez, we might have to do it somewhere else”. But Brian said that he REALLY wanted to try it out because it was going to be really cool. Of course taking photos probably wasn’t exactly on his high priority list. haha. So I told him I would take a few of him, and then he took a few of me. Here are a few:

my hunky husband to be.

THE BIG MOMENT: He was holding the camera and asked if I would like some water. I said “YES”. He handed me the water bottle and then went digging back in his back pack. There was a moment when everything stood still and I saw what was coming. He got down on one knee and explained the REAL reason we were in the desert and up on top of the City… and it was not to just take photos.

Here is what he has to say about it: “As I was praying over this spot and just looking around me I was standing in the middle of this barren desert and looking out towards the city. I was reminded that the sustaining life of the desert is dependent on whatever God gives it and that our marriage (or life for that matter) will be the best as we learn, together, how to depend on God for everything we need. One of the coolest pieces of this vision was the reality that as we learn to live standing in the desert God invites us to join Him in a reality beyond our own possibility. The city has that vibe. It’s exciting, forward moving, innovative, dreamy, romantic and seems to have endless possibility. The city is what God wants for our lives and marriages. I believe we experience that best as we step back in to the desert and learn to hear His voice and know Him deeply so that we can join Him well in the work of the Kingdom. At that point I knew this was the spot and that this would be a place where God would meet us and bring us into this next step! I had the chance to share this with Promise just after i asked her if she would marry me. It was a VERY SPECIAL, emotional and holy moment as I got to share with her what the Lord showed me in that place.”

He said: “Now i want to take you to your next surprise”. He wrapped me in his jacket and walked me around the mountain and up to this ramada type structure, high in the hills over looking the sunset. The ramada was set up with twinkle lights, and the city lights were shining bright. We danced to music, cried, and jumped up and down.

There was a table for two set up with roses, thai food, drinks, and dessert. (I snaped this after the fact, so its not that pretty in this photo). 

Right across from the table there was a large screen and a very elaborate contraption to stabolize the screen. We cuddled up, ate chocolate, and watched the notebook in a HUGE bean bag chair with lots of blankets, pillows, and sweatshirts. 

These are the guys behind the madness. Seth Wells, Chip Neal, and Steve Adame. They worked so hard to set all this up in the middle of the desert. What a treat. Those are some good friends if you ask me. They brought us back scooters and we road them down the mountians to his truck.

SURPRISE PARTY: On the way Back Brian told me that Nicole (my roomate) had told him that she wanted to see us and my ring before she went to sleep… so she wanted us to stop by. I called her and told her we were on our way back. I thought by this time that the surprises were over. We unlocked the door, walked in and saw candles lit, and around the corner 15 -20 of our friends jumped out from the other side of the room and yelled “surprise!!!’ I WAS SO SURPRISED!! I was not expecting that at all. We ate more chocolate.. (or at least I did) ahhaa. It was truely a great night. So full of surprises and of Joy. Brian is the best. I love him so much. SEE WHAT BRIAN WROTE ABOUT IT: HERE


19 responses to “IM ENGAGED TO MY BEST FRIEND!! 10//11//08

  1. I love it! LOVE IT!!! Awwww I am SO happy for you both! I love how surprised you were at EVERYTHING. You have such a sweet heart Promise and God is so going to use the two of you together – what an exciting time!!!! AND thanks for all the details and the pics here – I’ve been so curious at what it all looked like! (the pictures that Chip took didn’t do justice!!!)

  2. Thank Amy. it was awesome. unfortunately i dont think mine really do it justice either. it was a great night. and i am so excited to see where God takes us as well. 🙂 thanks for being a part of it.

  3. okay I am crying right now!! Promise I am so happy to be a small part of your guyses (<-is this a word?)life. I know God has more surprises for the 2 of u…! Can’t wait to see you guys living your life together for Him!!
    “The best love is the kind that awakens the soul and makes us reach for more, that plants a fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds. And that’s what you’ve given me. That’s what I’d hoped to give you forever.”
    “The Notebook”

  4. What a spectacular night! Brian did right by you. You are his true love and I know he’ll pour his heart into his life together with you, you can be can be sure of that. Congratulations Promise! I’m sooooooo excited for you!

  5. I just read the post, makes me want to marry brian. but i guess it would work better if you did.

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  8. i love the photos! and your night sounds amazing! i hope my boyfriend is that creative! congrats!

  9. Oh my word.
    That was brilliant.

  10. Oh my gosh! Congrats! Keeping up with you and Brians blogs I feel like I know you guys even though we’ve never met. Funny. So excited for you guys, marriage is such an amazing gift from God.

  11. Congrats Promise! Marriage is the greatest thing ever!

  12. *SO*SO*SO* happy for you two!!!!!!!!! congrats!!!!!!!!! I’ve been waiting since Sunday for this announcement on your blog so that I could tell you congratulations!!!!!!!!!

  13. yo prom. stoked for you both!!! it’s been really good working with you guys, you have mad talent (pronounced towlant like josh said)… ha.. cheers

  14. CONGRATULATIONS! That is brilliant news!

    Vicky : )

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  16. thanks guys. brian and i are really excited. thank you for your support. you rock

  17. Wow…… he’s good. 🙂

    Congratulations, blessings to you both!!

  18. Congrats on the engagement!!! That’s such an awesome proposal… I’m impressed. God bless you guys as you move towards marriage.

  19. hi, i found your blog via ragamuffinsoul and just wanted to say congratulations! have you set a date yet? from what i know from your blog i bet the wedding will be super awesome!

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