I was painting last night…. and as i was sweeping glue, fabric, and paint, I remembered that i REALLY like to make stuff. it’s not that i didnt know that before…but it was just a friendly reminder. Sometimes i get so caught up in everything and i think that making something is something you do when you are bored. haha. That may have been the case when i was yougner, but now i have to make it a priority. that feels really weird to say, but i guess it must be done.

When i was in high school in Washington, school would shut down for a couple days becuase of snow days. I WOULD LOVE THAT. Most kids loved it because they got to play in the snow; and although i liked to do that as well, I would mostly look forward to spending days in my room cutting up my old clothes and sewing them back together in new ways. GOSH that was so fun. Here are a few things that i have made.
This is a cuff bracelet that i sewed together from pocket fabric in a pair of volcom mens jeans that i got at a thrift store for $2.

These were men’s jeans that i bought at a thrift store, i cut them off to shorts, ripped a few holes, and sewed some large stiches for detail. These were my FAVORITE staple for the summer. hopefully i can find a way to wear them in winter.
This is a jean fly bracelet that i loved for years. I tore the fly out of a pair of thrift store jeans. sewed the ends together and wrapped it around my wrist. hahaa. very random, but a cool way to recyle old clothing.

and last but not least… this was a cool shirt to begin with…. so cool that i didnt want to do too much to it. The neck line was choking my neck before… so i brought it down by sewing pieces that i cut off the shirt back on, This created a lower neckline that looked disshevled and urban. I even sewed the vintaged tag on for fun. ha.


5 responses to “I LIKE TO MAKE STUFF

  1. you. are inspiring.

    i may just have to do this…. cutting up clothes thing and sewing them back together.

  2. wow. all of that is really really cute! u r so good at that, i tryed to do that one time but none of them turned out even close to as cute as urs 🙂

  3. *such* cute stuff here! We should really get together and thrift and then make stuff…ahh…good times. 🙂

  4. You are so fun! Will you rub some creativity onto me?

  5. Incredibly Creative.
    Incredibly Impressive!

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