This has been a crazy weekend with tons of stuff to show. I did a family portrait session with the cutest family ever (those photos will be coming soon), i did some photography work for the starfield concert last night, october 18th at Cornerstone. Brayline and Michael Watson (Above the Golden State) opened for them and it was an amazing night. Photos of that are coming soon. But first I was excited to see that Michael brought some print stuff that I did that i didnt get to see yet. It all looked awesome at his table. Here are some buttons, and a rad clear hand drawn sticker, and a couple photos of him from last night. I also have a maternity photoshoot this afternoon. so there is a lot of stuff coming. stay tuned.



  1. Promise! I found your blog through Ragamuffin Soul (as I’m sure many of your new readers did) and I wanted to say that I love it! Your style is so inspiring. I’m looking forward to more posts!

  2. Hey Promise, I just saw Michael’s new video on his Myspace page – check it out, it’s actually kinda funny. Just crazy he is making it big! I am happy for him and the guys! And your designs are catching a lot of eyes! God is good.

  3. thats awesome i just watched the video. Its awesome.

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