HELP HELP!! Brian and i are in the wedding planning process and need some of your help. We are thinking the wedding would be in California (because all of our family is there). How hard is it to plan a wedding in a state that you are not even in??!?! hahaa.

We are looking for some cool urban ceremony // reception sites in Southern California. Do you know of anything? We need some ideas and are open to anything. Since we have been looking a little… we have liked the art gallery/museum look; modern urban architecture. If you know of any cool places outside or inside please leave a comment or message me with links or any information. i would really love to hear your ideas and thoughts. Dont be shy now.


13 responses to “WEDDING IDEA HELP

  1. boohoo…no comments yet. i know you guys know of some.

  2. I just wrote a comment with a bunch of links. I hope it’s just waiting to be approved and not lost in e-world. 😦

  3. hey thanks a ton. I think it went into my spam. but these are definitely not spam. thank you so much for those links.

  4. I strongly suggest looking on a website that has helped me and thousands of other brides – Most of the brides are based out of California – and they all have wonderful advice and inspiration. You can find vendors and their reviews. You can also look for decor inspiration, dress styles, etc. Let me know what you think! I’m on there ALL THE TIME in the forums as LaVitaBella 🙂

  5. check out this link –

    amanda said this place looks SWEET at around sundown

  6. If you end up anywhere in Orange County, downtown Orange has some fantastic locations for photography opportunities. I think there might be a few reception sites there as well.


  7. Old Towne Orange is right down the road from us! Very cool place!

  8. Prom!
    Where exactly in Southern CA? I know of a ton of places down there and have a lot of connections from my wedding. Also, I do wedding planning if you are looking for one. It’s so nice to just pick the things you want and have someone else do all the dirty work…that way you just worry about being the gorgeous bride you are! Let me know! 🙂

  9. I found your blog from Amy Neal’s and I had friends throw a really cool 1940’s themed throw back wedding in a beautiful old building in downtown LA. The ceremony and reception was all at the same place. They took their engagement photos in the train station downtown and I will try to get some names of the specific places. FUN!!

  10. Wow, I can help you as I had planned every solitary detail to the T. It was so so stressful with work,and I am a professional perfectionist if that makes sense when it comes to the most beautiful,waited for, day of a woman’s life.
    So…The most beautiful place is in LaCanada, Ca. (within 5 miles of my home) in Southern Calif.
    is called Descanso Gardens…pricey, but depending on your number of guests they have three main halls or rooms that are quite lovely.They book months ahead, and I could only get a Friday nite four months ahead of time. I figured, of course not knowing, that I was first in line for the choices I wanted. HA!!
    It is well known, but the best kept secret! In season there is an upper room, I forgot the name(starts with a B…sorry big help!) anyways, when you book it in time, you can book it when all their roses are in bloom , and it is absolutely breathtaking.
    I ended up at the Castaways in Burbank, due to the fact I had more choices, and the best of it was the wedding was held there, and guests could walk within feet to the suite holding the reception. The Castaways is a the highest point or restauarant with a view for miles that I thought would be a load of money. It actually turned out to be perfectly fit for me, my taste and they also throw in the wedding planner.
    Let me stop or myspace me and let me know when it is, and I would love to talk to you more about it. God bless you and you have such creative gifts to offer . …what a woman your husband to be will be gaining!!
    Diana DiConti

  11. I always thought a zoo or aquarium would be interesting.

    Maybe a backlot of some sort.

    I’ve heard Vegas has a warehouse where they store their old neon signs; maybe LA does too. That would be a cool backdrop.

  12. Hey! My husband just got me interested in your blog and I thought I’d drop a quick note of info for your wedding. I saw that you are in photography so you might already have someone picked out, but I thought I’d give you a great photographers link anyway. — or her blog at — She did our wedding and is AMAZING! Good luck with all the planning.

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