sister sister


8 responses to “sister sister

  1. sweet!

  2. Oh I like ’em prom 🙂

  3. wow…great pics…

    doh..just noticed promise…can you change your link to me…I moved site…come by if ya can too. thanks!

  4. models in the making! you guys look great!

  5. You both look exquisite!

    Since you have some trouble neglecting instant messages (heh heh heh) I figured this is a better way to say CONGRATULATIONS!!! Sorry I’m like 2 weeks late but I am really happy for you both! YEEEEHAAWWWW!

  6. BONNIE!! soo sorry. i changed my phone number. i am texting you right now.

  7. So cute! You two are very photogenic ( could be the photographer too:) Sisters are the best!….maybe you will be the sis Bonnie never had.

  8. i get you!!!! hahaha. that’s the best thing ever. look at you rocking some photos! 🙂

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