I got the privilege of taking the McRae’s family portraits last week. Oh my they are so cute. I didn’t have to do anything but point the camera at them and they did their thing. This family dropped everything they had, followed God and moved to Arizona to church plant. They are currently interning at Cornerstone, gearing up to do God’s work. He has great plans for them, they were truly amazing to work with. And the kids got gummy bear treats in between sets. haha. I am pleased to introduce: Aaron, will, olivia, kate and Holly. To see more of the McRaes go here: flickr


4 responses to “MEET THE MCRAES

  1. You did an amazing job with this family.

  2. great job love! the edits look amazing!!

  3. Yeah, I definitely know who I want to do our next family pics. lol These are great!

  4. Beautiful pictures of an awesome family. If you are reading this and haven’t heard, their beautiful 5 year old, Kate, was recently diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor and is undergoing chemo at PHC. Please keep Kate and her wonderful family in your prayers.

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