OH MY!! OH MY!! It has almost been 2 weeks since I last blogged. Please forgive me. I will never go that long again without posting. But I can’t believe how fast things have been flying either. A lot has been going on! Well I think some of it is… I have been really busy and the other is because I have blog fever. If having blog fever is even possible then I have it. haha. I was posting pretty often until the blog father Carlos Whitaker put me on his top flava. I started getting a lot of hits from his blog and then I froze up and now I have nothing to say. boo hoo.


I am going through a bit of a blog crisis though. I am almost POSITIVE EVERYONE has a post like this on their blog. and mine is for real. I am not sure what people want to read about.
WHAT DO YOU WANT TO READ // SEE WHEN YOU COME TO MY BLOG? More artwork? More design work? More info about my day to day life?? I know i know, it’s my blog I can post whatever I want and not worry about what people want to read about. But maybe I just can’t decide what i want to post about. To be honest I am really not sure who all my readers are. I see how many readers i have.. but who are you? hello… who are you? WHAT DO YOU DO IN LIFE? and what do you want to see from me?? please tell me. everyone must say something. OKAY SAY TWO THINGS: 1. what you do in life…. and 2. what you want to see in my posts. GO!


15 responses to “BLOG FEVER

  1. 1. i’m a student. san diego. film studies. i like to shoot both video and photos. not so amazing at photos, but i try.

    2. whether it’s photos, design, or fine art. i’d like to see it all. especially photos as i’m trying to jump into it. i like a lot of what you do so anything would be suffice.

  2. thats awesome!! thanks! what school?

  3. 1. Creative Director at Lifepoint
    2. keep it coming! life, photography, art, design, creativity. it’s all inspiring.

  4. 1.graphic design student at cal baptist university
    2. design stuff! and fashion stuff! photography, wedding planning, you know… everything.

  5. 1. Communications undergrad at NC State, with a love for art, design, film, photography, writing, and true life expressed in words.

    2. I’m pretty new to your blog, but the posts that I have LOVED the most are the practical design posts, and then the Engagement Proposal transcript…loved it! (I read Brian’s too, it’s interesting the comparisons 😉

  6. i’m a fashion design student, fellow crafter, and i’m planning a wedding too!
    so, anything design-related, and wedding details! basically i’ve been interested in/inspired by every single one of your posts, so keep it coming!

  7. 1. i am a graphic design student at the Art Institute of Minnesota in Minneapolis.

    2. i LOVE all your art work its so inspiring. but i love you hear about your life too. you have such an awesome personality it just radiates off your blog. so i say KEEP IT ALL COMING! cause i like it all.

  8. 1. Worship Leader & First Impressions Director- Carson Valley Christian

    2. I love logging on to see your fashionista pics:) I appreciate and admire your eye for fashion, your unique style, and graphic designs…keep em’ coming:)

  9. 1. Barista/Coffee Diva 2. Anything art and fashion related, because since I’ve started reading your blog it has inspired me too channel into my inner creativity

  10. I’m a high school pastor.

    And I want to more about that sexy fiance of yours. Grrr

  11. 1. Creative director at Journey Church, Acworth Georgia and manager for All Eyes East Band

    2. Whatever you are willing to share. I love the photography you do. But the great thing about a blog is learning about people you would otherwise never get to meet.

  12. 1) marketing analysis
    2) i found your blog through ragamuffin as well but forgot how i found his. i like your blog for its creativity but what i’ve really come to appreciate is your perspective on life and openness to God. I’m not the most fashion conscious person but do appreciate creativity. i think a balance between design and your own life would be great especially since you’re getting married soon. i think your personal touches will continue to make your blog/you stand out. keep up living the good life

  13. first off..can you fix your link to me in the side…i moved to thanks…now on to the questions

    1. I am a designer, worship leader and other junk

    2. I love seeing your work and your proceess, but I also love just reading about your life as well

  14. Hi my name is Amy and I stay home with my kids and work out and then make other people work out. HAHAHA
    I love you Promise!!!! This might be my most favorite blog EVER! I love how you got blog fever.
    But I love your blogs all the time – I’ve never seen myself as really creative, so I feel like you open me up to that world when I connect to your blog. It’s really fun. 🙂 and i love all your photography and your life stories.

  15. 1. mass communications student

    2. ya know… i really enjoy seeing the process of things happening. From the beginning, during the stubborn middle… to the fulfilling end. Specifically, i enjoy your design.

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