The last few weekends have been pretty crazy. I moved in with a new family a couple weeks ago. They are so cute and so awesome. Meet Chip and Amy, Jackson and Cana.


Chip is a Pastor at Rock Point church in gilbert. They are such a fun family. And Amy is a personal trainer AND they make coffee every morning. haha I gotta love the Coffee. I can wait to get to know them better and become life long friends.

This past weekend Brian and I took a trip over to California to look at some wedding locations. Thank you to all of you that helped with ideas. They were all awesome. Although California is soo expensive. geez. We saw a lot of really beautiful places and a lot of not so beautiful places. hah. one of our favorites was called Rancho Las Lomas. It was the most beautiful place i have ever seen. We knew we coudn’t afford it but we went to the appointment anyway. HAHAHA that was such a bad decision because everything else looked so crumby after that. haha. here are a few photos:



WAIT!! tigers, lamas? what? YES they have parotts, and exotic animals there for the guests to visit. and the tour guy had a NEw Zealand accent. hahah. How perfect can it get?! He was soo good at what he did too. They gave us the best service and experience by far!! This place would be amazing if we had millions of dollars. it was absolutely beautiful. Brian was even trying to get us sponors. haha. jk.

And last but not least i have been working on this funny christmas design for MIKE ACHER of New view church in the seattle area. christmasblog

This is totally his concept. I think its fabulous. But if you hate it.. again its his concept. Mike Acker has some really cool stuff going on in Seattle. He is a young Pastor that is pushing the edge in a very dry and stale community and his church is getting noticed. The seattle area is a really hard to reach community, and Mike steps outside the city’s comfort bringing a fresh new way to view church. If you are ever in Stanwood, you need to stop and by and check it out.


2 responses to “MY LAST COUPLE WEEKS

  1. We love having you live with us! We all just love you!
    AND you make a mean pot of coffee!!! I love it!!! It’s like perfection. šŸ™‚

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