Come check the show out this saturday. It’s gonna be awesome. Chaz Russo (my co-worker) and I have created some new creations specifically for the show. You do not want to miss it. We have around 30 pieces to show from other featured artists in the Cornerstone Community. AND special performances by ryan axtell, molly nass, and phil tipping. Plus desserts! i love dessert. Please come.

All the proceeds go to the Cornerstone Flood campaign. The campaign is geared toward raising money to help bring people to christ…. to get people in the doors. Chris loope dreamed this video up. Please watch it. it is amazing. molly nass is the star and does a wonderful job. this video is really moving. In my opinion it is the most high quality and touching (not cheezy) thing i have ever seen a church do.


did you guys understand the video? i wanna hear your thoughts…


4 responses to “ART SHOW: THIS SATURDAY

  1. Hey Promise… It’s Gregg, we met at the Granger workshop at Cornerstone… You guys did a great job on this! I’m jealous of you guys having such an awesome creative team (with my team of one… ME)

    I’ll definitely be following Chaz too!

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  3. Hmmm, interesting… I really like it. Is it implying that flood = change and that change begins with me?

  4. Ummm yes, love it! Excellent from concept to completion. It’s cool to see pics from the filming and then the final product. Good job!

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