okay… so i know a lot of poeple know about this station online. but many of you may not. well…. All i have to say is PANDORA ROCKS MY LIFE. it makes my work environment so much better. for all of you that dont know about Pandora you need to go online to:
It will change your life… well pick and artist or song.. and it will only play songs that sound like that. how awesome is that? no commercials, listen to only what you want. You can rate the song or artist and if you hate the song, you can select “never play again”. It will learn and understand what you like. wow. They also make an iphone app for it. here is the professional write up:

Create a unique station based on a single artist or band
Save your radio stations to your profile, Share your radio stations with your friends
Pandora is a web radio station based on the Music Genome Project. By analyzing the essence of music and capturing aspects such as melody, harmony, rhythm, arrangement and lyrics among other musical identities, Pandora and the Music Genome Project are able to predict musical interests based on a sample selection.
This is a departure from musical social networks like Last.FM that use people with similar interests to find possible interests in music. Pandora is the perfect destination for anyone who wants to listen to Internet radio catered to their interests and their particular mood at the time. Feeling melancholy? Type in “Pink Floyd” and let Pandora take you on a wistful journey. Have a little pep in your step? Find out what bands Pandora thinks are similar to the Beatles.



  1. yes. i too love pandora

    [ =

  2. COMPLETELY AGREE. i just started using it a few weeks ago. its a lil better than an ipod since it mixes it up and i love how it tweaks to YOU. great plug

  3. Pandora is AWESOME! I use it every day to keep me sane. =)

  4. I use it just about every day at work- at least on the days when I am actually at my desk.

    P.S. We met a homeless guy last night outside of Calvary that knew your uncle. He was just talking and dropping names here and there and then we heard “Tangeman” and we were like, “Wait, what??” And then we said we knew someone related to him and he said “Oh yeah, he has a niece or something out there.”

    Small world?

  5. p.s. your link love for me is my old blog is the new one 🙂

  6. Like Pandora? Check out our Livio Radio featuring Pandora sync your online account and enjoy listening to Pandora from something else then a computer. With the Livio Radio you also receive 11,000 internet radio stations.

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