This is a new series coming up at Cornerstone. I had a very interesting time with this process. I thought it might be cool to let you in on this one. The Teaching is going to be about how God is the vine and we are the branches. God is constantly shaping us and “pruning” us to be more like Him. Sometimes the pruning is painful, and can be misunderstood if we are not seeking Him and abiding in Him. The title is “shear perfection”. Using His shears, He is shaping us into His perfection.



I started the design with hand drawn vines and leaves. The vines started looking too feminine and the plant growing from the ground up wasn’t exactly depicting the point of the message. It’s a hard balance to render an illustration not to literal (so its boring) but also convey the meat and meaning of the message. I tipped the plant upside down to give it more of a “pruning”/vine look.. oops still fem. looking. looks like women’s ministry.



Considering that we are designed and made for FRUIT. The team decided we needed to run out a comp incorporating fruit. We needed to illustrate that God clips the bad thorns in order to produce fruit in us. Oops we need more green… AND you can’t really prune strawberries. Dang it. I am liking the look more though. Its getting more masculine… kind of like a packing fruit/crate warehouse.



Chis loope had the idea of incorporating a heart into the design to show that God is pruning the soul. I really really loved that concept and tried that idea. I drew the vine on the right side coming out of the vein of the heart. There are sprouts of plants growing out of the viens and arteries. Some need to be pruned and others are good to grow.



Linn (the Pastor) got a hold of the design at this point.. and said that their needs to be more greenery.. because as it is, it looks like God went to town with the shears and there is nothing left of us. Good point. He also suggested there be fruit. Again enter the strawberries and greenery. Because of the elaborate design there needed to be more of a simple thick dark text to weight the design at the bottom.

This is the final design. Front of the promo card. and then the back of the promo card. I kept with the crate and fruit packing feel. I think this really works.



One of the concerns was that the heart is to stark and medical looking. It was said that the congregation is not ready for such a risky rendering. Kind of graphic looking? maybe it does not scream heart as the soul?? any thoughts?



  1. i love your work! i wish i was even as half as good as you are! seriously! anyways. i like the look of the medical heart, a nice twist on things, but the strawberries just throw me. i get the idea. but if i hadn’t read this blog i have would just been like huh? strawberries? lol. even after reading it all they’re still a little out of place to me… regardless your work is amazing and oh so inspiring.

  2. I like the final version a lot. my only complaint would be that in the final berry one the red is the focal point. In your final version the red still is because its such a hot color and I think maybe that red should have been added into some of the heart itself. I think the main attraction is missed here.

  3. so awesome….thanks for running through the process….very helpful to see the thoughts and design evolve

  4. turned out awesome. i love seeing the process and collaboration.

  5. promise… I am totally a fan of how this cam out.. super good job. Cornerstone is lucky to have you!!!!

  6. hmm.. interesting comments. i understand that the fruit would be a by-product of the soul, but isn’t the fuit part of the main attraction as well??

  7. I really love this. Thank you for showing your process!

  8. loved seeing the thought process. i think one challenge i see is that one really doesnt “shape” vines but rather shrubs and bushes which can have weed imbedded inside but vines are just vines in my head.

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