CHECK THIS OUT: custom picks

So i have been trying to figure out what our favors should be for our guests. I am thinking of something that combines both Brian and my interests and personalities. I came across this website that you can upload your images to guitar picks. Haha how fun is that? Here is a quick showing of it in action. Its super easy to use and actually fun. I am not going to use this exact image but it gives you an idea. So do you think its a GO?? Yes or no. I am gonna base my decision off of your answers. Everyone must put their two cents in. YES or NO

you can go to: and mess around on their website uploading images. have fun


19 responses to “CHECK THIS OUT: custom picks

  1. YES! i think it is something guest can actually use. and if they can’t everyone knows someone who plays guitar!

    two of my friends got married over the summer and their gift was a box of matches. which everyone got to use to light the sparklers that we lit when they left the reception.

  2. That is so cool I would so go with that! Yeah I am pretty glad I found your blog!

  3. Yes yes yes!! That’s amazing!

  4. LOVE IT! Yes 🙂

  5. Hmmm I’d say no, but just because I don’t play music so it’d be a waste of money on your end. If all your friends play guitar, then sure.

  6. i think yes. =)


  7. oh good point robyn. what if i punched a small hole in it and put a small ring in it??…. so people could wear it on a bracelet or necklace??? although there are a lot of musicians going to be there. hmm….

  8. i’ve ordered custom picks from clayton before. i think this is a rad idea. something to know though, the pics are definitely smaller than the one on the website. i know that’s completely obvious, but i ordered a simple one color design that took up the majority of the pick (as much as the design could). when it came i had to use a magnifying glass to see it! (not really, though) but it really is small. so maybe choose one of their bigger picks…? anyway, rad idea. 🙂

  9. I think that the guitar picks are fabulous!
    Really seems to portray you and your fiance’ and heck, if you didnt PLAY the guitar -guests could always have alittle “do it yourself” project when they got home. Key chain? maybe they could kype two and have a matching set of earrings, ha! drink charm?, the options are endless.. Its a FAB idea!

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  11. Yeah I would still go with it because they could use it for decoration or anything that they wanted to! I love the gutiar pick idea I think it is brilliant!

  12. awesome idea! definitely represents you guys as a couple!

  13. our music director and his wife did guitar pics, “matt picked brittany and brittany picked matt” i say yes!

  14. Yes, what an amazing wedding favor! How did you find this?

  15. I would say absolutely yes. For sheer uniqueness and creativity. And like you said, it connects things you both love.

    Do it!

    FTR – I’m not a musician, but I would hang on to it.

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