I got to play around with my new camera on thursday. It was soo much fun. I am flabbergasted at the clearity and crispness in these photos. I am only still learning the ins and outs. Here are a few. you can see more on my flickr. Click the photo to see its true color.





any thoughts?


7 responses to “MY FIRST 5D MARK II TRIAL RUN

  1. NICE work! That camera is putting out some great color and super sharp photos… I confess, I have camera envy. Have you played with the HD Video functionality yet?

  2. I love the focus!!! Great images Promise can’t wait to see more!!!

    Kayte Rose

  3. wow, really great color and clarity! Ive been following your blog for a while and really enjoy it! Thanks for sharing your art! Would love to have you do photos for me sometime.

  4. cameron – I personally havnt played with that yet. my friend did on my camera and its awesome. its so crazy. you should get one. haha 🙂

  5. Oh man.. I WISH! Maybe in a couple years I’ll offload my 30D and upgrade, but… I’d have to talk my wife into it – and that’s no easy task! 🙂

  6. The color is amazing! Love it!

  7. Hey Promise!
    I just did a new post on my blog like 2 seconds ago so you should totally check it out! Love the pictures that your camera takes!

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