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Hey guys. I am not dead. and i am stilI going to continue to blog. Woohoo. I WILL NOT BE POSTING HERE ANYMORE THOUGH!! YAY YAY YAY!! I will now be posting here:
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head over to my new blog

head over to my new blog

I hope you decide to continue to follow my blog and the community happening here. if you could be so kind as to change your links that would be GREAT!! Let me know how you like the new set up.




I am so stoked for this project. Thanks to everyone for entering. I will surely keep you all in the loop when it comes to the process. Out of 120 something entries brian and I picked the winner last night at random. I will be contacting the winner very soon to get all the info of what they would like etc. So exciting. Check back for some more new exciting things really soon.


I am getting ready to do a few painting projects and I thought of you guys. I will paint you a little painting. You will get the actual original. woohoo.PLEASE FILL OUT YOUR NAME, STATE, AND EMAIL OR BLOG LINK IN THE COMMENT SECTION BELOW.

it's blank right now

it's blank right now

If you win, you get to pick the topic you want, or the photos you want, and colors etc. WOOHOO.. i love free things. and little tiny hand crafted paintings are so fun. I WILL RANDOMLY PICK A WINNER ON FRIDAY FEBRUARY 6TH.

Here are some EXAMPLE paintings with collage, photos and mixed media.


what a fun contest. Thank you all so much for participating. I cant wait for the next one. If you are interested in buying the NYC print set it is $95.00. Or $40.00 if sold seperately. please email



The Flood art show was Awesome. It was a great. This whole art show at Cornerstone was a complete experiment. It has never been done before… so i wasn’t sure what to expect. i actually didn’t think there would be many people. Little did i know that hundreds of people would come. The night was filled with people crowding the halls talking, enjoying great live music, and yummy desserts. We decked out the lobby, re-organizing the furniture to allow for a casual lounge atmosphere. Thanks to Chaz, Andy, Rebecca, Andrew, Jude, Brian and a few others, we pulled it off.

The art was sold as a silent auction with a starting bid price. We had around 40 art pieces in the show that catered to just about every audience and style. There was truley something for everyone. The 4 art pieces below are my contribution the show. Acrylic,and mixed media.








Chaz came up with a stellar idea to have the featured music artists that night write a specific song for flood and record, burn, and sell them the night of the show. Above is the packaging that Chaz did for them. AWESOME. The featured artists were: Molly Nass, Ryan Axtell, and Phil Tipping.


above is a painting featured in the show by Chip Neal. The blending and color use is amazing.



above: wood panel printed graphics by chaz russo.


above: T-shirts designed and printed by Chaz russo.

We will be doing an art show again soon. It was a complete success. Keep updated and consider entering for the next one. 🙂



Come check the show out this saturday. It’s gonna be awesome. Chaz Russo (my co-worker) and I have created some new creations specifically for the show. You do not want to miss it. We have around 30 pieces to show from other featured artists in the Cornerstone Community. AND special performances by ryan axtell, molly nass, and phil tipping. Plus desserts! i love dessert. Please come.

All the proceeds go to the Cornerstone Flood campaign. The campaign is geared toward raising money to help bring people to christ…. to get people in the doors. Chris loope dreamed this video up. Please watch it. it is amazing. molly nass is the star and does a wonderful job. this video is really moving. In my opinion it is the most high quality and touching (not cheezy) thing i have ever seen a church do.


did you guys understand the video? i wanna hear your thoughts…

NEW ART: update

i did some painting on thursday and friday.. just noodling around…. planning for my Flood art show piece. hmmm… here are a couple shots of what i am up to. Not stoked on it so far, but it was a great stab at getting back to painting.