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Hey guys. I am not dead. and i am stilI going to continue to blog. Woohoo. I WILL NOT BE POSTING HERE ANYMORE THOUGH!! YAY YAY YAY!! I will now be posting here:
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head over to my new blog

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I was painting last night…. and as i was sweeping glue, fabric, and paint, I remembered that i REALLY like to make stuff. it’s not that i didnt know that before…but it was just a friendly reminder. Sometimes i get so caught up in everything and i think that making something is something you do when you are bored. haha. That may have been the case when i was yougner, but now i have to make it a priority. that feels really weird to say, but i guess it must be done.

When i was in high school in Washington, school would shut down for a couple days becuase of snow days. I WOULD LOVE THAT. Most kids loved it because they got to play in the snow; and although i liked to do that as well, I would mostly look forward to spending days in my room cutting up my old clothes and sewing them back together in new ways. GOSH that was so fun. Here are a few things that i have made.
This is a cuff bracelet that i sewed together from pocket fabric in a pair of volcom mens jeans that i got at a thrift store for $2.

These were men’s jeans that i bought at a thrift store, i cut them off to shorts, ripped a few holes, and sewed some large stiches for detail. These were my FAVORITE staple for the summer. hopefully i can find a way to wear them in winter.
This is a jean fly bracelet that i loved for years. I tore the fly out of a pair of thrift store jeans. sewed the ends together and wrapped it around my wrist. hahaa. very random, but a cool way to recyle old clothing.

and last but not least… this was a cool shirt to begin with…. so cool that i didnt want to do too much to it. The neck line was choking my neck before… so i brought it down by sewing pieces that i cut off the shirt back on, This created a lower neckline that looked disshevled and urban. I even sewed the vintaged tag on for fun. ha.


I love thrift store shopping. There is truely nothing better getting such a great deal. I wanna be a personal shoppper for people at thrift stores. hhaa. here is what i recently found.

red belt: $1.99

dress: brand: old navy: $3.99

jewelry total: $3

yellow scarf: $.99

stripe lace tank: $2.99


thrift store shopping is for sure a hobbie of mine. One of my favorite things to do when I go back home is to go to my favorite Value village in Bremerton. it’s run by the same good ole SAVERS poeple. I have tried other states and cities and Bremerton is definately one of the best. its organized really well.. and not picked over, because the only people around are the people that brought the clothes there. hahaa. that means fresh pickin. There is a WHOLE section for Vintage clothes. YES!! I have to be really careful though. Here are some of my..


1. Only buy when you absolutely love it. 

2. visualize clothes out of their context.. would you like it if it was from urban outfitters??

3. if you cant decide what you think about a peice, say how much you would pay for it (before looking at the price), then look at the price. If its over what you said… then skip it. 

4. look out for fakers: Just because the piece looks better then the REST of the clothes THERE… doesnt mean you need to take it home. you will never wear it. 

5. never forget to stop by the shoes, jewelry, glasses, ties, scarves, belts. you might find a gem.

what are your thrift store guidelines??? tips? to-dos? don’ts?
here is a peak at my new finds: