I got to play around with my new camera on thursday. It was soo much fun. I am flabbergasted at the clearity and crispness in these photos. I am only still learning the ins and outs. Here are a few. you can see more on my flickr. Click the photo to see its true color.





any thoughts?



soo.. now that i am not in the office. I DONT HAVE A PLACE TO WORK. I had my laptop on my lap the whole day working on project and design concepts and Just because i was on the couch i felt SUPER lazy. But i was getting a ton done. A lot of people would say SWEET.. but when i seriously need a place to work. So this is my studio in progress… the very beginning progress of course. But its just perfect size. I have a computer, check, posters and art, check, easles, check, and a room, check. My next order of business is a DESK. haha. anyone giving one away? 🙂 haha jk. here are a few photos I took messing around the other day. Please dont mind the mess or the grain in the photos.




here are some options that i like from ikea.





SORRY BOYS. This is a pretty girly post this time. So, I found my dress!!! kind of. I looked and looked to find a dress. I was looking for something different than a strapless white white dress with a bunch of beads on it. That look is very lovely of course… but not me. And that type of dress really tends to be the trend right now and it’s hard to find anything else.

I got a recommendation for a lady and then she passed me on to Jennyvi designs. I was impressed by her website and intrigued to email her. So it did, and we ended up meeting for coffee and talking through some details. She is so sweet, easy to talk to, approachable, and really truly cares for the bride and what she would like for the day. The price is perfect, and I felt like she really understood the direction I wanted to go. This girl is only in her late twenties and has been sewing and designing since she was ONLY 5 years old. How crazy is that?!?! Her father was a tailor and taught her when she was very young. I got my measurements taken the other day and i am so excited to see it. 🙂 i will let you know how things go down. Here are a few photos…some from her catalog.



She even drew up some designs on the spot of what i was thinking and describing to her.



Its so fun, that as an artist, I get the opportunity to custom design my own wedding dress. There are so many endless possibilities.

A FRESH START to an exciting journey

A sad but really exciting day.

i got some goodbye glasses

i got some goodbye glasses

cornerstone has been a growing//strengthening place

cornerstone has been a growing//strengthening place

I am excited and very sad to say that this past thursday was my last day employed at cornerstone christian fellowship. Turning in my keys, signing paperwork, cleaning out my desk, and saying goodbye brought tears to my eyes. Closing a chapter in my life is always so hard for me. I am a very sedimental person, and I hold on to memories. I hold on to days, chapters, situations, and settings in my life. I will greatly miss working next to the most amazing people, and doing life together as we stare into the glare of the computer screen. In general I am an intervert But somthing about being with and next to people makes my heart very happy and very hard to leave.
pretty flowers

pretty flowers

The great news is that I am taking a risk and spreading my wings. God has been so faithful and at this time I am ready to continue to pursue my dreams. I have a lot of changes coming up that i am excited to share with you. I have a few large projects coming up, and also a revamp on some of my online sites. such as my blog. Woohoo. I am so stoked to have a new blog template and to continue to grow this community online. I hope you will stay with me through these changes. I really appreciate everyone who reads and comments on my blog. A huge thank you to all of you who are so encouraging. This new blog has lots of room to grow. I will eventually have a shop, ad space, and some new features on my official website. so many exciting things coming up.
new blog coming soon

new blog coming soon

i got the canon 5d mark 2

i got the canon 5d mark 2

Another really fun new thing is that I got a canon 5d mark 2. I am soo stoked to have some of the best gear on the market and begin to take myself a little more seriously by investing in my business. here are a few photos that I took when i first opened it up. click for larger view and more accurate color.
my love

brian: my love

graphic artist at cornerstone

chaz: graphic artist at cornerstone

brian took this

brian took this

brian took this too

brian took this too



I LOVE IT when my buddy, Nathan Braceros sends me links, textures, websites, and other design resources. I wish He had a website or blog that i could give him credit at. booo. He works with the big dogs in seattle at Hornall Anderson, the biggest design firm up there. Nathan is a the real deal. Although i wish he would move down to az. hahaa. anyway. This video is awesome. check it out.

thanks Nathan



I designed The loop logo for Cornerstone’s announcements every week. It is done in a tv show style. Check out the videos below that chris loope made.

click here to see the logo in action

click here to see the logo in action

click here to see me on the loop. hahaha

click here to see me on the loop. hahaha

and the christmas version

and the christmas version


I came to work in the morning and this is what the boys in my office put on my desk top….. STUPID. hahahahaaa. They were nice enough to make him pixel shorts. thanks