6 responses to “PHOTO

  1. Hey Promise this is Natalie, you may not know me but i know you because my mom works at cornerstone as their accountant, her name is Jennifer Larkin. But anyways i really love your name me and my BFF both wanna name our daughter Promise 😉 hehe i think its a very cute name. We also think you are soo beautiful i am so JEALOUS of you because you can look very cute in any clothes, you can even look cute without going out of your bugdet. I have always wanted to spend a day with you and let you totally make me over!! Hehe i doubt that will happen though 🙂 so if you get a chance and ever read this comment i would like you to please check out my blog, its not that good but i am still working on it, i just got it like a few months ago. I am gonna add you to my friends so i dont have to keep going to Amandas blog to get to yours. I think e-mailing would be easier than leaving comments so i will e-mail you soon my email address is well i will talk to ya later gator 🙂 bye!

  2. oh yea and my blog URL is 🙂

  3. hey.
    shopping with you would be fun.
    i love the picture of Kim Cornwell and all the other guys that cut hair at the salon. i love Kim she’s so cute she is funny too. she also does a really good job on my hair!
    thanks for checking out my blog and leaving me a comment.
    love ya cutie :),

  4. hey this is maggie natalie’s friend, we both think u r sooooo pretty. i love the pic of u with ur thrift store glasses ur soo cute. i wish i was cute like u. Well if ya want u can look at my blog its and me and nat both say congrats on ur engagement. 🙂
    Maggs and Nat

  5. aww thanks girls. thank you for your lovely comments. keep up the blogging. its great fun

  6. girl your stuff is absolutely fantastic! very impressed, you are very talented 🙂

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