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A FRESH START to an exciting journey

A sad but really exciting day.

i got some goodbye glasses

i got some goodbye glasses

cornerstone has been a growing//strengthening place

cornerstone has been a growing//strengthening place

I am excited and very sad to say that this past thursday was my last day employed at cornerstone christian fellowship. Turning in my keys, signing paperwork, cleaning out my desk, and saying goodbye brought tears to my eyes. Closing a chapter in my life is always so hard for me. I am a very sedimental person, and I hold on to memories. I hold on to days, chapters, situations, and settings in my life. I will greatly miss working next to the most amazing people, and doing life together as we stare into the glare of the computer screen. In general I am an intervert But somthing about being with and next to people makes my heart very happy and very hard to leave.
pretty flowers

pretty flowers

The great news is that I am taking a risk and spreading my wings. God has been so faithful and at this time I am ready to continue to pursue my dreams. I have a lot of changes coming up that i am excited to share with you. I have a few large projects coming up, and also a revamp on some of my online sites. such as my blog. Woohoo. I am so stoked to have a new blog template and to continue to grow this community online. I hope you will stay with me through these changes. I really appreciate everyone who reads and comments on my blog. A huge thank you to all of you who are so encouraging. This new blog has lots of room to grow. I will eventually have a shop, ad space, and some new features on my official website. so many exciting things coming up.
new blog coming soon

new blog coming soon

i got the canon 5d mark 2

i got the canon 5d mark 2

Another really fun new thing is that I got a canon 5d mark 2. I am soo stoked to have some of the best gear on the market and begin to take myself a little more seriously by investing in my business. here are a few photos that I took when i first opened it up. click for larger view and more accurate color.
my love

brian: my love

graphic artist at cornerstone

chaz: graphic artist at cornerstone

brian took this

brian took this

brian took this too

brian took this too




I designed The loop logo for Cornerstone’s announcements every week. It is done in a tv show style. Check out the videos below that chris loope made.

click here to see the logo in action

click here to see the logo in action

click here to see me on the loop. hahaha

click here to see me on the loop. hahaha

and the christmas version

and the christmas version


I recieved an email from an art student this past week wanting to interview me about my career so far. I thought I would share with you my answers. Some may find this intriguing, some may not. haha. here it is anyhow.

0111. What is a typical day like? What kinds of problems and decisions do you face in an average week?
I, currently, work at Cornerstone in Chandler, Arizona in the Creative Arts Department as a Graphic Designer. I also do freelance photography, fine art and design on the side. A typical day for me might have things like creative planning meetings for up coming series, big events, campaigns, concerts and all kinds of creative processes. I design promotional materials, website graphics, stage designs, logos and branding. I usually design between 3-4 projects on an average day. Unlike normal design firms, we turn around logos and graphic images faster and less perfected. Every Sunday is like designing for an art show and our graphics have to be prepared in a short amount of time. During the day I answer emails, research for design concepts, organize files, gather material and design, as well as, problem solve by fitting pieces of the design and graphic elements together so that they have harmony. Lots of good coffee helps me in this process! I really make it a priority to try and refill my creative spirit. Having to be ‘creatively ON’ everyday is really hard and is probably one of the things I battle the most. I have been on a LONG journey of learning and teaching myself how to SEE the world through creative eyes. I have worked on my creative thinking when it comes to beginning projects and tried to be intentional about this process, but, in the end, this is still a HUGE challenge in my work.

2. What do you especially enjoy about your work?
I enjoy creating something beautiful from nothing. I enjoy the challenge of designing elements to meet the communication needs of people and the church. I enjoy listening to the ‘client’ give vision towards the design and the challenge of taking what I’ve heard to create designs that have both emotion and functionality to meet their requests.

033. What is your design set-up like? Computer, software, etc. Camera?
At work, I have a G5, two 23 in. cinema displays back to back, adobe creative suite 3, a subscription to communication arts, a cup of coffee, a cannon scanner, paper and pencil, my E scale ruler, and a leopard print pillow. At home I have a nikon d50 (getting a new cannon soon), and a mac pro 15 in. laptop. I am stoked out of my mind to begin to design my very own home studio coming soon. woohoo.

peoplecamera4. What are some of the important factors that have contributed to your success?
I have asked a lot of questions, worked really hard, got to work alongside some really talented and skilled people and I have done a lot of low paying and often free work to get experience and opportunities for my portfolio (which one friend of mine will disagree with for sure, haha).

0145. What were the jobs that you had which led to this one?
I had a lot of really cool projects in school which, ultimately, helped me build my portfolio. I did freelance design, photography and fine art while I was in school and I also worked along side a vintage clothing and costume designer for movies. The woman who owned the vintage store encouraged me to have the confidence to incorporate everything that I loved into my career.

086. What are your favorite resources for images, textures, brushes, etc.?
I love Communication Arts Magazine, Juxtapose Arts and Culture Magazine, Urban Outfitters, fffound (new favorite website), I love people’s art blogs, flickr.com, istock.com, cg textures, dafont.com, and Starbucks designs. I also love finding images and patterns wherever I can (coffee shops, art venus, thrift stores, etc…) and scanning them in to make my own textures. I research by collecting images from anywhere and everywhere on the internet and saving them to my desktop. I keep them in an inspirational folder and refer to it when I am designing.

097. What is your printing process? What outside printers do you use? How do you choose paper?
I choose paper by thinking through the design and how it should look. For example, if I am using distressed graphic elements I may choose an earthy card-stock to print on and choose a matte finish instead of a glossy finish. That choice gives my design consistency and thought. There isn’t a formula to choosing paper, however, I do my best to think each project out from start to finish. I usually print online at overnightprints.com, psprint.com or even your local Staples for quick short print runs. If I am doing package design for a series of work I usually get price quotes from different printing vendors to get the best price for my project.

108. What school did you graduate from and do you recommend any schools in the Northwest to continue my education?
I went to Northwest College of Art in Poulsbo, Washington where i graduated with a bfa double majoring in graphic design and fine art. I really liked the school and I learned a lot. It was a small school focused on the arts and we critiqued each other OFTEN, but, at the end of the process, school is what you make it. I worked hard and took everything I could from my experience there. If I go on to further my education I’d really like to pursue a school that is known for its design and connections. The next step, in my opinion, is getting stellar connections. First, I had to learn design, the basics, the programs etc, and NEXT is the connections.

drawings9. What is your normal design process, start to finish?
WOW, this is a loaded question! When I first get a project from a client I ask them tons of questions. I want to get to know them, their style, their reason, and their purpose for the design request. It’s important for me to understand what they want the design to DO, as well as, what they want as an end result goal for the project. I need to know the deliverables and the printed pieces / finished product. I usually ask them to explain their main focus, as well as, what idea they want me to focus on? I then go research. I research competitors, design directions, looks and feels, color palettes, etc. I, typically, draft up a couple hand sketches of some ideas to get started. Within the entire process I’m always thinking of ways to pull different patterns out of ideas. I then pick the best comp and start at it on the computer. I do a few different versions and push the design a little further and then decide where to go from there. I NEVER start on the computer. IT NEVER TURNS OUT GOOD. I always have an idea first and then go design it on the computer. The computer and the programs should be your resource to get the project done NOT your design solution. The computer is not going to design it for you, unfortunately.

11. Just a tid bit from me:
I believe that design should be very functional. For the most part the design needs to have a reason for looking the way it does. For example, some people put lines and arrows in just because it looks cool. You don’t need that extra stuff if it doesn’t support the direction or function of the design. And I am learning in life, as well as design, that LESS is MORE (and harder). My last thought is that our DNA is creative from inception. You and I have been uniquely designed for a creative purpose by a VERY creative God. Whether you’re a graphic designer, painter, plumber or an aspiring accountant you have been uniquely made with unending creative possibility. Let the creative process be a part of everything you do and the lens you see life through!



MERRY CHRISTMAS!! As an art blogger I have been wanting to GIVE more to my readers than just showing you pretty pictures. I was really inspired by another blogger to give some of my craft away… and what a better time than now. I have never done this before and as a new blogger, I am not even sure if you guys would be interested in it. But lets give it a try huh? I am going to try and do this more often if it works out.
This series of New York is a set that I did about 2 years ago. The originals are all sold, but time after time I have been asked about selling prints. So, these three 11″x14″ prints on archival paper would be a very unique gift for any funky friend or family member. All three paintings have hidden symbols and traits that are unique to the city, including logos, maps, street signs, popular building structures, sayings, and the busy atmosphere of the city. It’s a $95 value.


This is truly a unique set that has been nationally recognized by juxtapose art and culture magazine  last november.


If you are interested in buying the NYC print set it is $95.00. Or $40.00 if sold seperately. please email promise.tangeman@gmail.com

JON: senior portraits


look at this stud. haha. I took Jon’s photos couple weeks ago in chandler az. I think these came out really fun. He was working it up. heh. Let me know if you or someone you know needs senior photos this year. I am booking right now for the next few months. I charge $250. You get a cd full of high quality digital images, black and white and color. unlimited clothing changes and unlimited locations. email me for a booking. promise.tangeman@gmail.com. Click the photo bar at the bottom to view more photos of jon.












The Flood art show was Awesome. It was a great. This whole art show at Cornerstone was a complete experiment. It has never been done before… so i wasn’t sure what to expect. i actually didn’t think there would be many people. Little did i know that hundreds of people would come. The night was filled with people crowding the halls talking, enjoying great live music, and yummy desserts. We decked out the lobby, re-organizing the furniture to allow for a casual lounge atmosphere. Thanks to Chaz, Andy, Rebecca, Andrew, Jude, Brian and a few others, we pulled it off.

The art was sold as a silent auction with a starting bid price. We had around 40 art pieces in the show that catered to just about every audience and style. There was truley something for everyone. The 4 art pieces below are my contribution the show. Acrylic,and mixed media.








Chaz came up with a stellar idea to have the featured music artists that night write a specific song for flood and record, burn, and sell them the night of the show. Above is the packaging that Chaz did for them. AWESOME. The featured artists were: Molly Nass, Ryan Axtell, and Phil Tipping.


above is a painting featured in the show by Chip Neal. The blending and color use is amazing.



above: wood panel printed graphics by chaz russo.


above: T-shirts designed and printed by Chaz russo.

We will be doing an art show again soon. It was a complete success. Keep updated and consider entering for the next one. 🙂


This is a new series coming up at Cornerstone. I had a very interesting time with this process. I thought it might be cool to let you in on this one. The Teaching is going to be about how God is the vine and we are the branches. God is constantly shaping us and “pruning” us to be more like Him. Sometimes the pruning is painful, and can be misunderstood if we are not seeking Him and abiding in Him. The title is “shear perfection”. Using His shears, He is shaping us into His perfection.



I started the design with hand drawn vines and leaves. The vines started looking too feminine and the plant growing from the ground up wasn’t exactly depicting the point of the message. It’s a hard balance to render an illustration not to literal (so its boring) but also convey the meat and meaning of the message. I tipped the plant upside down to give it more of a “pruning”/vine look.. oops still fem. looking. looks like women’s ministry.



Considering that we are designed and made for FRUIT. The team decided we needed to run out a comp incorporating fruit. We needed to illustrate that God clips the bad thorns in order to produce fruit in us. Oops we need more green… AND you can’t really prune strawberries. Dang it. I am liking the look more though. Its getting more masculine… kind of like a packing fruit/crate warehouse.



Chis loope had the idea of incorporating a heart into the design to show that God is pruning the soul. I really really loved that concept and tried that idea. I drew the vine on the right side coming out of the vein of the heart. There are sprouts of plants growing out of the viens and arteries. Some need to be pruned and others are good to grow.



Linn (the Pastor) got a hold of the design at this point.. and said that their needs to be more greenery.. because as it is, it looks like God went to town with the shears and there is nothing left of us. Good point. He also suggested there be fruit. Again enter the strawberries and greenery. Because of the elaborate design there needed to be more of a simple thick dark text to weight the design at the bottom.

This is the final design. Front of the promo card. and then the back of the promo card. I kept with the crate and fruit packing feel. I think this really works.



One of the concerns was that the heart is to stark and medical looking. It was said that the congregation is not ready for such a risky rendering. Kind of graphic looking? maybe it does not scream heart as the soul?? any thoughts?