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click here to view his website and films

click here to view his website and films

I am charging up my 5d and giving mad props to daleyhake.com for scoring me this sweet job of taking photos for John Debney at the paramount as they score and record. Another thanks to Daley Hake for recommending me to Re-brand his whole look, including a logo, print promos, interview style promo video, and a new website. HOW FUN. I am not doing this all by myself, their will be some wonderfully talented people that i will outsource to. more deatils and photos to come.




brian and I have had the chance to hang out this week with our new friend and wedding photographer Daley Hake. He’s a kindred spirit and quite a talent. We’ve had so much fun running around Southern California in his borrowed Hyundai SUV. HAHA! From Riverside to LA back to Riverside and then to San Clemente and then back to Riverside – ALL IN ONE DAY! You know you’re fond of someone when you can hang with them for 14 hours on the first day that you’ve met.
Daley took the little photo of us, above, and is ‘priming the pump’ for some luscious pictures on our wedding day. VERY EXCITING! We love ya Daley!



I got the privilege of taking the McRae’s family portraits last week. Oh my they are so cute. I didn’t have to do anything but point the camera at them and they did their thing. This family dropped everything they had, followed God and moved to Arizona to church plant. They are currently interning at Cornerstone, gearing up to do God’s work. He has great plans for them, they were truly amazing to work with. And the kids got gummy bear treats in between sets. haha. I am pleased to introduce: Aaron, will, olivia, kate and Holly. To see more of the McRaes go here: flickr


Brian and I were at Urban outfitters in Scottsdale on Saturday. It was the best day i have had in a long time. We did some special things together, ate lunch, shopped and just enjoyed the day. it was beautiful out as well. While i was there i spotted my new favorite plaid find. i would probably wear it everyday if that wasnt weird or gross. I love the colors, and the retro feel of the plaid mixed with the modern cut. This could very well be my favorite piece of the year. good thing i live in arizona so i can still wear it for a little while. you better get yourself some plaid for this fall. heh

YOU CAN WRITE, but you can’t EDIT, EDIT, ED-IT

I hate missing out on sunny days. today is a great sunny day and it’s my day off, but i am EDITING photos. not bad photos… great photos of great people. And its got to be done sometime, huh?? here are a couple that I am finishing up today. katie and Ross were married in Washington. 🙂 in June.



check here to view more of katie and ross: FLICKR


Hey check out these business cards i just did for my friend (and sister’s Boyfriend) Troy Grover. check out his website too. troygrover.com