soo.. now that i am not in the office. I DONT HAVE A PLACE TO WORK. I had my laptop on my lap the whole day working on project and design concepts and Just because i was on the couch i felt SUPER lazy. But i was getting a ton done. A lot of people would say SWEET.. but when i seriously need a place to work. So this is my studio in progress… the very beginning progress of course. But its just perfect size. I have a computer, check, posters and art, check, easles, check, and a room, check. My next order of business is a DESK. haha. anyone giving one away? šŸ™‚ haha jk. here are a few photos I took messing around the other day. Please dont mind the mess or the grain in the photos.




here are some options that i like from ikea.




  1. 1. urban outfitters is my favorite store in the world. i wish i could pull of styles like you.

    2. i have a corner desk (similar to the second one except its glass) and i LOVE it.

  2. I have that top MIKAEL desk! I like it, but it doesn’t handle dual monitors very well.

  3. I really like your art. You make some funky canvases.

  4. Desk #2 gets my vote. The other one looks a little stuffy. Fun!

  5. we have a corner desk and it really saves us a ton of space! check out or for affordable contemporary office furniture. those are some of my favorite places.

    in the mean time, if you need to get out of the house and you want to be around creative people, check out Gangplank. It’s not too far from you. It’s a place where web designers, developers, graphic designers and photographers come together and work. It’s for freelancers that just need a space, and it’s free. Not to mention, you are next to people who you can bounce ideas off of.

  6. Promise,
    I would for sure go for the Mikael desk I like the 2nd one but the I really like the Mikael desk that would be my vote! By the way I really like your orange shirt that you are wearing under the yellow one you have such fun style! Talk to you later! Love your work and ideas!

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