SORRY BOYS. This is a pretty girly post this time. So, I found my dress!!! kind of. I looked and looked to find a dress. I was looking for something different than a strapless white white dress with a bunch of beads on it. That look is very lovely of course… but not me. And that type of dress really tends to be the trend right now and it’s hard to find anything else.

I got a recommendation for a lady and then she passed me on to Jennyvi designs. I was impressed by her website and intrigued to email her. So it did, and we ended up meeting for coffee and talking through some details. She is so sweet, easy to talk to, approachable, and really truly cares for the bride and what she would like for the day. The price is perfect, and I felt like she really understood the direction I wanted to go. This girl is only in her late twenties and has been sewing and designing since she was ONLY 5 years old. How crazy is that?!?! Her father was a tailor and taught her when she was very young. I got my measurements taken the other day and i am so excited to see it. 🙂 i will let you know how things go down. Here are a few photos…some from her catalog.



She even drew up some designs on the spot of what i was thinking and describing to her.



Its so fun, that as an artist, I get the opportunity to custom design my own wedding dress. There are so many endless possibilities.



  1. absolutley beautiful! I’m so excited to see it! It sounds perfect for you — I couldn’t imagine you in an off the rack, run of the mill, type dress. Just not at all Promise.

    how’d your meeting go yesterday?!?!

  2. Promise,
    That is so fun I really like the first dress that you put up of the girl with the flowers in her hair it is really pretty! It is going to be so fun for you! When is your wedding? Well have a blast and enjoy every moment!

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